Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Keurig B30 Mini Brewing System.

Last week I had an appliance bonanza at my local thrift store. I bought several things, but the highlight of the collection was a Keurig B30 one cup coffee maker:

It even came with the original box and manuals. One look at this baby and I knew I would have little trouble finding a good home for it.

First order of business was testing. Fortunately there is a Keurig brewer at my office, so I requisitioned a couple of K cups and brought them home for a test brew.

The first brewing attempt did not meet with success. I put in the water, installed the K cup, followed the brewing process, heard the water heating, but no coffee came out. I tried it again, still no luck.

The third time around I broke the process down step by step and went through the cycle again, this time with no K cup, as I didn't have an unlimited supply to waste. The machine could sense the presence of the coffee cup properly, the water heated, and this time, with no K-cup in place, everything worked just fine, giving me a cup of hot water in under 3 minutes.

That must be a clue, I thought. I popped out the K cup holder and washed it, and checked the needle in the bottom of the holder, through which the brewed coffee flows to reach the coffee cup.

The needle is that white spot just above the center of the receptacle.

Bingo! The hollow needle was blocked with old grounds. I reamed the hole with a bamboo skewer, and tested again. This time, I was able to brew a cup of coffee perfectly. The rest of the machine needed no cleaning, so I just gave it a wipe down.

To complete the rehabilitation, I ran the machine through the six month service described in the manual, and put it back in its box.

I am pretty sure that someone bought this, or more likely received it as a gift, and used it until the needle clogged, and then got rid of it. It amazes me that instead of taking fifteen minutes to consult the manual and clean his machine, the previous owner pitched it. Then again, it's his loss, and the new owner's gain.

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